GeoEstrela | Smart City Management Solution

Updated: May 12, 2020

“The Estrela council needed a platform that linked citizens to the executive and the true needs of the neighborhood. During development of the GeoEstrela application we feel full support from Focus BC and we recognize that the success of the project depended on our understanding of our needs, the existing know-how and the problem-solving ability of Focus BC." - Luís Newton, President of the Estrela Council


The Estrela council is located in the municipality of Lisbon and includes the old parishes of Lapa, Santos-o-Velho, and Prazeres. With a total area of about 4.6km2, it has more than 20.000 inhabitants.


The Estrela council intended a solution that would allow the optimization of the entire internal and external incidents management process (citizens and customers), with a focus on:

  • Ease of use by any citizen;

  • Real-time reporting by citizens or by the internal services;

  • Reduction of costs related to the entire territorial management process

See the video to know more:


  • The citizens have access to the incidents details and can consult the before and after information notes and photos;

  • The citizens receive feedback via email and have access to real-time details of incident reported;

  • Overview of the territory;

  • Access to metrics of the entire process

Explore the public App here:

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