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Vila do Bispo Case Study - Incident Management

"Incident Manager is an essential tool in improving the provision of municipal services in the municipality of Vila do Bispo. It has brought the citizens closer to the municipal services, with a particular focus on operational services, and had a great initial adherence when the platform was opened to the public." - Rute Silva, Mayor of Vila do Bispo.

About the client

Vila do Bispo is a town by the sea in the southern Algarve region. It has 5,717 inhabitants and an area of 179.06 km². It is known for its beautiful beaches, cliffs and for having the largest concentration of menhirs in the entire Algarve, around 300. Vila do Bispo’s history is connected to the Portuguese Age of Discovery. The town has lots of tourists during summer thanks to the beaches and sunny warm weather.

The challenge

Vila do Bispo municipality managed incidents according to service orders which are written on paper. These incidents would be reported by people working at the municipality, and by the citizens through phone calls and email. It ended up being a very bureaucratic process that not only required a lot of time but was also more prone to mistakes and didn’t have any backups.

The solution

Incident Manager is a solution developed by Focus BC that gathers all internal and external registered incidents in one platform which allows tracking of the current status and progress of the incident. New incidents can be reported by regular citizens in less than 5 minutes using an internet browser. Afterward, incidents are displayed publicly and are updated by municipality workers accordingly.

The result

  • Information is now digitized and easy to access.

  • Easier to create reports on the status of incidents in the town.

  • Easier to identify urgent or frequent incidents and act faster.

  • Empowers the workers to show the progress they’ve done.

  • Transparent access to information by the citizen.


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