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City as a Platform Update 📅 September 21

Today, September 21st, a new update arrives in Incident Management!

The main new feature is a filter area that is applied to incidents, in one single panel. When applying filters, it's possible to open multiple panels at the same time, such as "Summary" or a list of "Recent Activities". Filters can be deactivated when clicking "Clean all filters". You will also find news in Incident Manager's backoffice.

1. Executors - Sub-types will now be called Users - Sub-types

  • The goal is that every user associated with a function on Incident Manager is also associated with an incident sub-type.

  • You can configure Validators the same way you were already doing it with Executors, which means you are now able to associate Validators to specific incident sub-types.

It will be compatible with all current settings and configurations!

👉 It is extremely important to review all users who are either Validators or Executors and are not associated with any type of incident. These will show up within the User - Sub-types area, with a total of zero sub-types.

2. A new area named Dynamic Fields in which you can configure any field to add to the incident panel

  • It's possible to add one or more fields to the incident panel for all users or for a specific function. Or just for the details of the incident, for all managers or a specific function.

  • After creating these new fields, users need to set up the fields along with the different functions. Only that way, the new fields will show up on the app.

Interested in giving City as a Platform a try? Set up a meeting with us. Let's talk!


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